What to Expect


Why Chiropractic

Chiropractors restore and maintain spinal joint mobility through chiropractic adjustments. Your spine has three main functions:

  1. Protect the spinal cord and exiting nerves

  2. Provide structure to the body, and

  3. Allow for mobility

The mobility part is what chiropractors assess and fix when restricted. We know that our bodies are designed to move and are healthier when we do. But mobility isn’t just healthy for our heart and immune system; the integrity of our joints relies on regular and full motion. However, through daily wear-and-tear, injuries, prolonged sitting, bad posture, etc., our joints slowly lose their normal mobility. Spinal joints are especially susceptible to this “hypomobility” which not only causes pain, but joints can become arthritic and potentially result in significant and permeant damage to the very system it’s designed to protect, the nervous system.

Now that you know that chiropractors restore and maintain spinal joint mobility through chiropractic adjustments, let’s talk about your experience at Moskal Chiropractic. Your initial visit will consist of:

  • A case history which we will discuss in detail

  • An examination to properly diagnose your condition(s)

  • An adjustment specific to your needs along with any active soft-tissue treatment (stretching, myofascial release, flexion/distraction, etc.) baring no contraindications

  • And lastly, we’ll discuss any self-directed programs that you can implement in your life to speed up recovery and maintain a healthy spine (exercises, stretches, ergonomics, etc.)

There are no long-term care plans at my office. The beauty of chiropractic is it’s safe, effective, and efficient when done properly. I schedule patients for 1-2 weeks at a time, and once your problem is corrected, you’re done.

I am, however, a strong proponent of maintenance chiropractic care. Remember, chiropractors restore and maintain spinal joint mobility through chiropractic adjustments. Once a condition is corrected, many people, including myself, get regular maintenance adjustments to promote a lifetime of spinal health and overall function. For many people, this means monthly adjustments as part of their “4-steps to a lifetime of spinal health” (don’t worry, I’ll teach you the other 3).

As for technique, I am a hands-on adjuster and use many different techniques depending on the patients needs.

  • Diversified

  • Gonstead

  • Thompson

  • Flexion/Distraction

  • Etc.

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